Friday, October 25, 2013

Five for Friday!

Hello everyone!
This is my first time linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday, so here goes nothing :)

As many of you may know, this week was Red Ribbon Week. Our school celebrated by designating each day as some type of dress-up day. Well, Monday was by far my favorite: Camo/Duck Dynasty Day! :) Here in the south, it's not difficult to get your hands on some camo...but this little angel of mine went ALL out! I loved it!

 Last night, I met up with some of my favorite bloggers for dinner! Jennifer (from Teaching to Inspire in 5th), Randi (from Teaches Third in Georgia), and I all live within about 15 minutes of each other. We had such a wonderful time! Then Jennifer and I took a trip to the local Walmart to shop for a Halloween costume for her to wear to school :) Such a fun night! {P.S. Don't judge the fuzzy iPhone picture..and the fact that it looks like I am a floating head with no hair or body!!}

 So, I saw this ADORABLE Halloween doughnut picture that 3rd Grade Gridiron posted on her Facebook page. I love it!! I think I will make some for my kiddos for our "Fall Snack" this coming week (we are no longer allowed to call them "Halloween Parties") - I know they will love them just as much as I do :) Plus there's an amaaaaazing doughnut place in my town, so I could use an excuse to go get some!

Last night, I finished up this Halloween Activity Pack - it is the perfect resource to keep your students engaged and on task next week during the Halloween craziness. It is geared towards grades 1-3, but could be modified for other grades as well. Click on the picture to take you to the product in my TpT store!

I also have this FREEBIE available in my store - click on the picture below to grab it!

We have been using Interactive Notebook resources from Blair Turner in math this year. The kids LOVE the activities included, which I love because it keeps them engaged! I will be doing a blog on INB in the near future, but I did want to go ahead and give Blair a shout-out. Her resources are amazing! Check out her TpT store here :)

Well, those are 5 completely random things about my week - I hope you enjoyed! Thank you so much for stopping by :)



  1. What fun to meet up with fellow bloggers!

  2. Found you over at the linky. Those donuts are too funny! Plus, you gotta love any excuse to have a donut (or at least I do...ha!).

    Sarah Beth
    Miss White's Classroom