Monday, November 17, 2014

Where I've been....

Hello my wonderful friends!
I know some of you may be wondering where I disappeared to :) Okay let's be real: most of you probably haven't noticed that I haven't blogged since AUGUST! But I'm back now, with a little explanation as to where I have been...I won't go into too much detail, because I know this is a teaching blog, but I did want to explain.

On August 1, my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first baby. We were elated, excited, soooo happy, and over the moon! <3
Everything was going great for the first several weeks - I was sick as a dog haha :) But happy to be sick, because I've always heard that's a good sign!
On September 3, we went in for an ultrasound, and got to hear our precious baby's heartbeat. What an amazing sound that was! It's definitely something I'll never forget! Our little bean had a strong heartbeat of 170 bpm and was growing like a little weed.
My next doctor's appointment was on October 1. I knew that it wouldn't be an exciting appointment, because we weren't having another ultrasound until we did our gender scan on October 25. So, I told my husband not to take off work - that I was fine to go by myself. BIG mistake.
Without going into too much detail, I found out when I was exactly 12 weeks along that our precious little miracle that we had prayed so hard for was in heaven with Jesus. I have been nothing short of devastated since that day, but I have the MOST wonderful husband, family, & friends in the world. I am so truly blessed.
I know that God has a reason for everything, and His plans are ALWAYS greater than my own. I know that my sweet angel is waiting for me in heaven, and we will be reunited one day.

I know that miscarriage is very common - so much more common than I realized. God has sent so many people in my path in the past 6 weeks, and I just look up at Him and smile. I know that He will use this terrible situation for his glory. I also know - because He tells me so - that my husband and I will get our baby one day - in His time.

Like I said - I just wanted to give you a little update as far as where I'm at right now :) I'm still teaching my heart out in 3rd grade, and my babies keep me smiling everyday!

I promise to be back in the blogging world very soon!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hide and Go Seek Blog Hop!

The Teaching Tribune bloggers have teamed up to bring you amazing freebies and the chance at one of 2 $50 TPT gift certificate as well as a custom door hanger (for a US winner). We will select one US winner and one international winner for the gift certificates!

As you play Hide and Go Seek, you will hop to 20 blogs where you will collect freebies. Hidden in each freebie is a school supply with a price tag. You will need to collect all 20 supplies and add up the price tags. Once you have the sum, then you will enter to win a $75 TPT gift certificate as well as a custom door hanger at the final stop, The Teaching Tribune.

If you are looking for school supplies to fill your backpack, then you are at the right place! Start by downloading the recording form.

The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher is the 4th stop as you play Hide and Go Seek! 

Are you ready? Well, what are you waiting for...get seeking! :) 
Now all you need to do is download my freebie and find the school supply! Then you will complete a circle with the other bloggers to collect their freebies and school supplies. 

Click the button below to find my freebie! :)

This sampler is a preview of my HUGE Chevron Classroom Decor Set {Bright Colors}. In this sampler, you'll find nametags and labels to create a "How I Go Home" chart in your classroom :) At the beginning of the year, I allow my students to choose which color nametag they would like - they love it! I use the labels to make a display chart that I keep on the back of my classroom door all year. I laminate the chart and write on it with Expo markers. That way, it's easy to make changes when needed. It's also great for a sub! I hope you enjoy this sampler pack! :)

You can complete the loop by starting at the first blog or continue on by visiting the next stop. Either way, you will make a complete loop to all the blogs, freebies, supplies, and final prize! 
Don't forget to become a follower of our blogs as you continue on. You never know what we will be doing next! 

Just click either picture below to continue Hide and Go Seek!

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Make sure you make it to the final stop at The Teaching Tribune to enter to win!

Don't forget it's the Back to School Sale at TPT on Monday & Tuesday! 

Have fun and good luck!!