Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Are you ready to JAM?

Hi friends!
I just wanted to stop in quickly to let all of you know that I am now an official Jamberry Consultant :)
What is Jamberry, you ask? Well, I personally think it's the best thing since sliced bread {my grandmother used to always say that}!!

Jamberry Nail Wraps allow you to have ADORABLE nails without the hassle of going to the salon - you can do them right in the comfort of your own home! What's even better is that these don't chip like regular nail polish does. They stay on your nails for around 2 weeks, which is so great, because I definitely don't have the time {or patience} to paint my nails every 2-3 days! As teachers, we don't always have the time or overflowing funds to hit the salon to have fabulous nails, but with Jamberry, you can still have rockin' nails!

I applied a set of the wraps to my nails on Sunday, and here it is Wednesday and they still look just as lovely as they did when I applied them! Had I painted them with nail polish, I would have already had to do several touch-ups to keep them looking good.

I used Mint Green & Gold Horizontal Pinstripe with Leopard as an accent :)

Seriously, I am OBSESSED with these things...and with over 300 designs currently available, there are endless possibilities!
Here are the Top 20 Trends for December:

Jamberry has just released new styles just in time for Valentine's Day, and they are TOO CUTE! Get your orders in now, so that you will have these in your hands (and on your fingertips!) in time for Valentine's Day! I am loving LOVE NOTE :)

Another great thing about Jamberry is that they have an entire line for little ones called Jamberry Juniors - I can't wait to try them out on my 7-year-old niece..

I am so excited for my new adventure with Jamberry - feel free to check out my Jamberry site to browse the styles...I'll warn you though - you will fall in love with AT LEAST 100 of them ;)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Be sure you have gone through the blog hop that ends tomorrow, and make sure you register for the AWESOME prizes at the end of the hop!



  1. CUTE!! Wish I could have painted nails where I work :(

    1. Oh wow - you're not allowed to have painted nails?! Bummer! You can always rock them in the summertime :)

  2. I'm thinking that there are so many that I like that maybe it would be better to become a consultant, too! ;)

  3. I've been thinking that I wanted to try Jamberry for a while now. I recently got a salon manicure and it only last 4 days! I was so frustrated!! So I'm definitely going to invest in Jamberrys! However, I made it my lose 10lbs I'll be contacting you when I reach that goal! ;)
    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. I know, Rachel, I stopped getting manicures because it's always a waste in my opinion! They end up chipping within days :( Good luck on your weight loss - what a wonderful way to reward yourself!

  4. These are great! How do I get a sample!?!?

  5. Fabulous! I have really gotten into nail art and this is perfect!