Hi there! If you'd like to get in touch with me, just shoot me an email :)


  1. Hi!! Love the blog! How did you get the gorgeous design? I dont know how to get comments and active engagement on my blog ( began 2 days ago). I am following your blog and a TPT follower!!!

    1. Hey there! Christi Fultz designed my blog - her website is - she's awesome and very easy to work with!
      I am very active on Instagram, and have been able to form relationships with other teachers prior to beginning my blog. I am also doing the giveaway, which brings more traffic :) Good luck with your blog!!

  2. Hi!! new follower! How do you get your blog name to be an active link? I know how to do it in a post but not in anything else? I love your design... I hope to have a cute one soon as well! I have had it a few months.